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What are Large Global Banks Doing About Climate Change?

"From a #riskmanagement perspective, it is challenging to #model physical and #transitionrisks given the #uncertainty around #climaterisk drivers, such as changes in #governmentpolicy aimed at reducing #greenhousegasemissions, the pace of technological change, and uncertainty around the transmission channels. A dearth of in-house modeling tools and reliance on #thirdparty vendors also hamper #banks’ ability to properly understand and manage #risks. The most recent #boe climate biennial exploratory scenario (#cbes) noted that “banks varied in their ability to scrutinize and understand the strengths and weakness of third-party models, and adapt them appropriately to the CBES.” As a result, projected #losses for banks varied widely, suggesting a high degree of uncertainty about the magnitude of climate risks as well as a limited ability to accurately reflect such risks in business decisions."

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